Remember Me . 2019

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artwork description commissioned on fiverr

I would like you to write a description of the art piece, located online at the URL: Open the work in a web browser and interact with it.

Please include a description of a viewer's experience interacting with the artwork, and some ideas about what the meaning of the artwork could be. When talking about the experience of the art, use the point of view of the viewer, like "When the viewer clicks a checkbox ... ".

Please include that this artwork recontextualizes one of the most common elements of web forms that we all use when we log in to websites. Please include any interpretations of the art in your own way. Let me know if you need any more information.

Thank you.



After opening the artwork, we see a single checkbox with “Remember Me” written beside it. A user is compelled to click on the checkbox, anticipating what lies within. But when he/she does, a few more checkboxes appear. Then he clicks on them, when more and more checkboxes, along with hyperlinked text appears. As one clicks on them more and more starts appearing, and it seems like an infinite loop. Until one gets overwhelmed and closes it down.

Contextually this artwork symbolizes a experience one has on most websites on the world wide web, especially symbolizing the social media websites. This first “remember me” symbolizes as a person thinks of a website for example “Facebook” and logs in. Then on the homepage he sees the pictures or posts of some of his most relevant and close friends, as determined by the Facebook neural engine, all of them screaming for his attention, and enticing him to open the posts to see the full details and along with that the comments. As he reads through the comments, he starts to ‘remember’ all the other friends, some close, some distant, some old, and also some he doesn’t know. All these people’s names are hyperlinked, reading “remember me”.

In the artwork, we see that some text appears blue, some red, and some black. The blue symbolizes hyperlinks we want to click and know more about. The Red symbolizes a no-go zone, we want to avoid. The black symbolizes neutral links we may or may not want to click. As the user goes through the artwork, at one stage he gets overwhelmed with all the information, and he cannot take it anymore, he closes it down. Similar to what one does in most social websites.

So, in conclusion this artwork symbolizes the modern connected man (or woman) and their interaction with the social media, even the world wide web as a whole. While the internet has opened ourselves to the whole world, sometimes we tend to get overwhelmed by all the information, and need to shut it down for some time. But, as human nature, we are curious beings, we will open it again, to know what lies within.