d0n.xyz is a designer, electronic musician and Internet artist building experimental websites, tools and electronic artifacts connected to the world wide web. He is the founder of virtual art space [insertNacLink].

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2022-Ongoing Generative Series Web Based Generative Art details
2021 Paintings Physical Oil Paintings
2020-Present New Art City Virtual Gallery & exhibition toolkit
2020 TAKASHI & KIYOKO WebGL Music video for EMINA
2020 Frequency Piece Video Synthesis Composite
2019-Present d0n.xyz Toplist Sorted list of favorite albums
2019 Mainstream Contrarian WebGL Music Video for MANGANGS
2019 Tellurics: Leyline Audiovisual performance collaboration details
2019 Foundyou.online New media art database
2018 Pixel Synth Lofi video synthesizer details
2018 Wifi Synth V1 Electronic Sound Sculpture details
2018 More Plants Chrome Extension details
2018 Permanent Redirect Net art about artificial scarcity details
2018 brokenscreen.online Aesthetic net art details
2018-Present Code Keyframes Open source tool for browser-based music videos
2018 Binary Chat Chat room for computers details
2018 WebSplicer Splice two websites into one details
2018 Thinking of Space Video art aqua series #2
2018 Ideal Music Streaming interface connecting Discogs and YouTube
2017 Favicron Favicon net art details
2017 Shybot Shy robot tracking interface details
2017 Composition Idea Generator Descriptions of artworks that do not exist details
2017 Day & Night Video art aqua series #1 details
2016 Onion Routing AR Walking Tor Geolocated augmented reality simulation of TOR
2016 Night City Cyberpunk generative video installation details
2016 Surph Gif art aqua experiments details
2016 CSS Scrambler Bookmarklet Scramble any website details
2016 Artifax Gif art ffmpeg experiments details
2016 Cities n Skies Gif art chromakey experiments details
2015 Übungsraum Audiovisual generative installation collaboration details
2013-2018 gifSlap VJ software for people who love gifs
2009-Present Gridwalk Label Electronic Music & Audiovisual Label